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Zootopia: A Review

I’ve been spending my quality time with my family, and watching movies is one of our favorite activities. I’ve downloaded some movies for my little sister: Disney, Home Alone, and just any movies from my childhood. It’s kind of awkward for someone who is nearly 20 to still watch children’s cartoons. However, after watching all of the movies, I was stunned by a Disney movie called Zootopia

Zootopia is a Disney film produced in 2016. Basically, Zootopia is a name for a ‘peaceful city’ or a utopia where the preys and predators live together in harmony. In this movie, the natural habits where predators hunt the preys is an old tradition, and now they have begun a new life where no one has to be the predator or prey. 

The main character, Judy Hopps, is a rabbit from a farmer’s family. Becoming a good cop is her life-long goal. She manages to break the stereotype that only big animals deserve to be copped by achieving the best participant status in the police acceptance test. However, Chief Bogo only gives her the parking meter work, and while on duty, she meets Nick who later betrays her. Long story short, Hopps and Nick meet again when Mrs. Otterton asks for help to find her missing husband. Judy accepts the case, but Chief Bogo only gives her 48 hours to find him. There is only one evidence that shows Mr. Otterton’s last position. Later, this proof will lead Hopps to Nick and they will solve the case together. The adventure begins as Judy and Nick wander around in Tundra Town, Rain Forest District, and other places to solve the case. 

Because this movie is targeted for children, there must be moral values inside. As an adult, I think sometimes we need to rewatch a movie either for our pleasure or to get simple advice from the story. From Zootopia, there are interesting values to look at and points that represent our society such as:


This one has been humanity’s problem for probably a lifetime. The stereotype that “Cops should be tall and big animals” is something that bothers Hopps. Hopps comes from a farm city called Bunny Burrow, where everyone is generalized to have only one dream: becoming a farmer. Hopps’ precious goal to be a cop motivates her during the test until she finally passes it. Everybody also thinks Nick, as a fox, is a liar and every word that comes out from his mouth is an absolute lie, but since Hopps came to him, she helped Nick to feel more confident. At this point, I would say stereotypes can be debunked when we work hard for it, either we can start from ourselves like Hopps passed the test, or help someone else. 

The Night Howler

The plot begins when Hopps and Nick find the clue to solving the case. They interview Mr. Manchas who says that Mr. Otterton’s absence and primitive behavior are related to the Night Howler. In my opinion, this is a very smart way to bring up the plot. People probably don’t know what night howler is, but it’s real. Night Howler is a poisonous plant. Once it is consumed, it will make the animal vomit blood and reduce blood pressure for humans. Disney is really good at playing up the plot and embracing the audience at the same time. It is a combination of a misunderstanding in how Judy understands the Night Howler’s meaning and also delivers the danger of the real night howler as a plant to the audience. I’m quite sure that not many children or adults know about this flower and how deadly it is. This point shows that Disney always keeps its quality in storytelling after all this time. 

Think Before You Speak, or You Will Ruin Everything

When Hopps finally finds all the lost animals, she says to the citizen that the primitive behavior is still in their wild animal DNA. This statement breaks the harmony in Zootopia and so is Nick’s heart, as we know that fox is in the predator group. Nick also thinks that Hopps doesn’t trust him since she always carries around an anti-fox spray. As a result, Nick rejects the police-to-be offering letter from Judy because he feels disappointed. This is such a good example that everything we say matters, and this is common stuff. Moreover, people can say anything in social media but probably it can trigger disunity. So, it is important to think of the possibilities when we want to say something because when we lose our control with our words, something bad might happen.

I would rate Zootopia 9.5 out of 10 from all aspects: the script, plot, characters, moral values, etc. This is a movie that brings powerful values and knowledge for kids and also adults in a good way. You’ll probably wonder what’s going to happen when sloths work at an administration office, and so you will also meet Flash and other exciting animals in this movie. I read some articles about the upcoming Zootopia 2 and I hope COVID-19 ended as soon as possible because it would be more satisfying to see it in the cinema!


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