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When Moonlight Conquered by Beams of The Streetlight

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Once, I saw the moon shining high upon my head

Cocksure and regal as if it sat on a throne.

Round and bright, perfect in its form

I walk pass around the neighborhood, trying to chase the view of it


From when I stand, I saw the streetlight

Does the same game as the moonlight

Streetlight ray breaking the silence in my empty neighborhood, or is it in my head?

As I walked nigher, my eyes were still captivated by the moonbeam

Disrepair the dogs that barking at me—so annoying, but cute

At one point, I stopped.

Exactly at place where the dogs would have chased and maybe killed me if they were not stuck in a cage, that damn cage

I stand still in my place, looking above, creating imaginary horizontal and vertical lines

I saw the moon and the streetlight together

I saw the moonbeam standstill

While the ray from streetlight trying to win the game in my head

But what does it mean?

When the moon fails to win this battle

When its beam was eaten up by the ray of the mere streetlight

When both of their power could not stop the dogs’ bark

When I keep freezing up in my place

When my mind keeps battling and looking for the winner

When the illusion wins over the reality

When Moonlight Conquered by Beams of The Streetlight?

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