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First, Love Yourself: An Ode to Self

An Art Exhibition by English Department 2018

“This is the generation of self-love.”

– curator’s notes

Our Works

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Nabiyla Dinda

celine regina

Pretty Unpretty

Celine Regina

antologi rima

White Ferarri & A Night for Self

Diah Rani Nirmalasari

puisi saras

Let It Be

Saraswati Amalia Putri

Screenshot (4)

A Collection of Painting

Michelle Susanto & Rania Uzla



Tashia Maharani


Unity in Diversity

M. Rusydan Fiddin


Love Yourself

Annisa Febriana

Loving Yourself: Myriad Reasons On Why It Matters


The works available inside this exhibition hope to bring you to the realization that, deep down, you do love yourself and that you deserve to put yourself first. You deserve to look into the mirror and feel beautiful. 

The painters whose paintings are on display sought to capture your insecurities and flaws and strengths and translate them into works of art so that you too come to the understanding that the things that you find to be ugliest can sometimes be more beautiful than you realize it. 

The photographers deliver photographs that display traces of all of ourselves in it, whether it be our favourite things or our body parts. 

The writers of this exhibition have prepared words that they hope can offer assurances, encouragement, and perhaps acceptance. All in all, the artists and people behind this exhibition hope that the message that they try convey can be received well by you, the person who is currently walking through this exhibition.

We hope this exhibition reminds you of: all your favourite private memories, enjoyable birthday celebrations, the people closest to you, the scent of your special perfume, but most importantly yourself.

Curator’s Notes

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Mini Theatrical Play: Core of the Soul

A bully with a nasty personality and a bullied kid with a big heart. Inspired by A Silent Voice, a Japanese animated teen drama film, “Core of the Soul” tells of a story about forgiving and reconciling.

In photo: Rizki, Zakiah, and Angie


Class Project 2019 After Movie: A Glimpse Into Our World


Venture on the world of “First, Love Yourself: an Ode to Self” art exhibition and experience the euphoria of being surrounded by the people who appreciate you (and themselves) the most.