we lose so much but we are going to go through all this.

once upon a time

i woke up and looked out of the window

hoping that things would change

and back to how they used to be


everything changed quickly

we used to hug to express love

now we realize we have become lonely

staying away has never felt more rough


more questions, in the questionable times

in the times when people began to

lose themselves but i

tried not to lose myself

cause during the hardest times i would still see the light somewhere


so i hoped, once i look back

i would find everyone realizes that the waiting and times of struggling had finally come to an end

and we would be fine, we would be, eventually


the story be having the ending it deserves

and we would sing it in past tense

for now, let’s stick to each other

and remember we’re gonna go through this together.


this was written with adristi rahma kirana.


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