Virtual Youtuber: An Introduction to VTuber Content

If you are a weeb and have been on YouTube for a while now, you must have heard the term “VTuber”. VTuber, also known as Virtual Youtuber, is a subgenre of YouTube content where we have fictional characters that we can interact with like a real person. Their contents are but not limited to gaming, ASMR, live singing, talk-show, role-play, and many more. This persona-based content becomes a massive phenomenon in the YouTube platform since its first introduction and blow up in 2016. 

The major blow-up happened by a vtuber named Kizuna A.I. This fictional character came from Japan and introduced herself as an “independent Artificial Intelligent” where she will role-play as if she was an actual A.I. She was the one who pioneered the term “VTuber” to the world. Her 3D model and environment fascinate many people as to how good the motion tracking device was. Her introduction to the world of YouTube gets major support from both weebs and memer, thus spreading and sharing her content even more. The content becomes a massive hit in the internet culture which resulted in the popularity of “vtuber” genre. In a span of two years (2016-2018) she gained two million subscribers with views blowing up on YouTube every now and then. Her popularity creates a massive movement which many many other big companies soon follow, thus creating many companies specializing in creating such fictional characters for YouTube and other streaming platforms. 

One of those companies is Nijisanji, a vtuber agency specializing in making a 2D character that we viewers get to talk with. Created in early 2018, this agency now has an abundance of branches outside of Japan, their branches are in China, Korea, India, and Indonesia. Till this very day there are more than 100 active members in the Nijisanji group and they’re still growing. They made it big because the company seems to be able to produce a massive amount of members every few months and the members’ capability to bridge the gap between viewers and vtuber. Their content is not that far to what have been previously mentioned such as gaming, ASMR, talk show, and many other shenanigans that a Youtuber would do. Some name from Nijisanji are Tsukino Mito, Fumino Tamaki, Hana Machia and Bonnivier Pranaja just to name a few. It is cute that there are 2D Youtubers out there but there is also 2D idol running about in the platform of YouTube.

Hololive is a virtual Youtuber agency specializing in an idol virtual Youtuber. This company has one massive objective and that is to make virtual idol as a global entertainment outlet. Although creating idol is their main objective, the members are not strictly prohibited to do other Youtuber activities such as gaming, ASMR, and other Youtube ask content. They found their first niche when one vtuber, Sakura Miko, from the agency blow up. Her performance caused many people to search for her origin and found that she was a vtuber from Hololive corporation and the rest is history. Founded in 2018, Hololive now had made several branches outside of Japan such as Hololive China and Indonesia which resulted in a massive worldwide support. Some names from Hololive are Tokino Sora, Minato Aqua, Usada Pekora and Moona Hoshinova to name a few.  Now that we know a big vtuber company from Japan, lets take a look from a local perspective.

Although Nijisanji and Hololive have their own branch in Indonesia, Indonesia has their own vtuber ageny called Mahapanca or Maha5. Maha 5 is an Indonesian vtuber agency that specializes in vtuber activity revolving around Indonesian culture. Their main goal is to link Japanese and Indonesian cultures through otaku culture and have fun along the way. They specialize in making Indonesian ask a character that we as fellow Indonesian can relate and talk to. The company is fairly new and not many information is known about them, but it is nice to know that Indonesia also have a vtuber agency that have a great future upon them. Some names from Maha 5 are Andi Adinata, Alia Adelia, Zen Gunawan, Lumi Celestia dan Nia Redalion.

VTuber as a genre is still very much new and still need a room to grow. Now that they have been in the internet for a while, it is only normal to see many other companies trying and competing in the realm of vtuber. Indonesia also has their own vtuber agency and as fellow Indonesian we should also support them. Though the biggest problem perhaps is the redundant content that they make, but how they revolutionize the content is what we wanted to see. To put it simple, it is just the beginning and they are just getting started.



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