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IMAJI UGM Presents

Unsolicited Narrative

The Silence Interrupted

behind our theme 2
behind our theme 1

our grand theme

The Silence Interrupted

As global issues mostly result in people pressuring for injustices to be set right, Unsolicited Narrative aims to raise more awareness on such matters through a series of events. 

Sometimes, there are people who are unaware and those who are purposefully burying the truth for their own convenience. Through “The Silence Interrupted”, we wish to hear people’s voices and bring the issues that matter to light.

Our Series of Events

Our Series of Events

Essay Writing Workshop

September 11-12, 2020

A way to help upgrade your writing skills through the materials delivered by our credible speakers.

Essay Writing Competition

September 4-october 23, 2020

Voice your opinions on culture, politics, and social issues by putting it into an academic essay and join our competition!

Virtual Art Exhibition

november 14-21, 2020

A new way to enjoy art gallery from your screen at home.

A lot of things have been happening/resurfacing in 2020 and most of them require voices to expose the unexposed. Through our essay writing competition, we provide a way to express those opinions by writing a factual yet captivating academic essay.

Challenge yourself

Unsolicited Narrative's Essay Writing Competition

Main event

Still the Louvre: Ceaseless Cries

a Virtual Exhibition

exhibition 1

Our wish in opening a virtual exhibition is to deliver as close as the experience you get in a real life art gallery.

Aiming to achieve our goal in spreading more awareness about social issues, we try to serve you the perspective of the victims without being insensitive. Still the Louvre: Ceaseless Cries is brought to you in order to get in-depth facts of the issues. Through “Ceaseless Cries”, our virtual exhibition focused on expressing the sorrowful life of the victims that has no end, specifically in 2020.

exhibition 1
exhibition 2
exhibition 3