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Three Blue Rabbits

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Us the three outsiders entered everland,

into the house rendered lost of man

as we curse the black with blue,

for the pages were blank with no clue.

“Black is justice!” the men in black were scared.

“Ay, black arrows for black hearts!” we said.

The black in men had torn our blue into dust

as they claimed that was what’s just.

“Run, run, pathetic freaks!” they say

as we turn into frantic rabbits of prey.

Us the three outsiders escape everland

into our neverland with void of man.

“Three blue hearts for three blue rabbits!” hearken we

the cry of the wolves from the bottom of the blue sea,

for in neverland the wolves in black

possess the heart of white, not blank

The white in them has turned our black into dust,

for they see the gold in our blue hearts

and take the cold from the very start.

Us three blue rabbits are now golden stardust.

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