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Three a.m.

“Do not make any decision when you are angry”

I heard that from a lot of people 

and actually I don’t completely agree, 

because I know something worse 

than making a decision when we are angry

that would lead us nowhere but only to a more complicated situation. 

I assure you that I know,

because I’ve been at my lowest times 

after making some bad decisions, but let me tell you

that the reason is not because I was angry

nor was I drunk. 

I was always sober. Completely sober. 

It was always at three a.m. when I make bad decisions. 

For my career. My relationship. My future. Basically life. I was always sober. But that sobriety stimulated my brain to work more. Faster. Than how it’s supposed to be. I was overwhelmed. By the thought that the future is never gonna be promising. By the thought of making mistakes. By the thought that people would leave eventually. By the thought that nothing lasts forever. Three a.m. could be the best time for people to have a deep conversation. To get closer with people they love. 

To say “screw the world, we own the night till morning”. But sadly for me, three a.m. has always been the inevitable period of time when I would always welcome the, yes, bad decisions. It’s three a.m. at the moment and it’s been a while since the last time I made a decision. 

So now I’m gonna make some about you. It’s not my first time. I’ve gotten used to it. It’s okay. What could be wrong and bad when it comes to you anyway

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