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the thoughts I blurt out in solitude


the truth is harsh sometimes, but we can’t reverse it.

even though ‘the world would still move on without you being in it’ feels like a slap in the face, it is the truth.

the truth can either encourage you or bring you down.

the truth in-between, does it exist?


life is full of surprises;

the sudden death of someone around you makes you realise you only live once,

which makes you realise to do your best, so you won’t regret it later;

regret makes you realise you haven’t done your best yet.

success makes you realise you have the ability to do it

and it also enhances your confidence;

just don’t forget to be grateful

because a sudden loss can make you realise you take things for granted, not knowing they are precious.

‘live as if tomorrow is the deadline,’ they say;

wonder what surprises you will get tomorrow?

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