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the story of the wounded tiger

the tiger was feared by everyone

how could they not fear it?

countless destruction has it done

and not a single soul could stop it

the tiger roared day and night

and pounced on everything in sight

no one dared to go near it

for it attacked that touched it

they blamed the tiger for the chaos

they loathed the tiger for the loss

they judged the tiger for the blight

they thought of ways to punish it

they hated, yet never asked

what incited the tiger this way?

what prompted the tiger to be enraged?

what caused its soul to be full of the fray?

they concluded, yet never once get

the blood the tiger had to shed

the burden the tiger had to carry

the pressure it had to endure aweary

they avenged, yet never wondered

how the tiger was full of self-hatred

how the tiger was drowned in loneliness

how it wore its sorrowful guise with wariness

no, nobody would ever understand

the story of the wounded tiger

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