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The Properties of Talking with A Mirror

Howdy, old friends!

Let me introduce myself. My name is “you.” Your name is “me.” Together we
called ourselves “Rush Hour 3.” What’s that? You can’t laugh in here? Oh, silly me,
just imagine your mouth having a mouth since it drinks your blood on a daily basis.
Visualize it, and believe in the heart of the card. Any idiom for happiness would work,
too. Imagine this place as your seventh heaven, a flower blooming on your chest, and
close your eyes. Anything to deceive you from them.

Hm? Did I get that wrong? Then, why are you back to this “place?” I mean look at
you. Your hero is Spiderman, but you end up becoming a spider in the corner of the
room. Life is comfortable here in your cobweb. Your superpower is driving away any
winds that endanger your cobweb with your air bending. You’re the Avatar. Isn’t that

With that power of yours, you can make a cobweb’s wings and fly the wind. Now,
the subject entered the recursion. Infinity is far beyond your vision, words can’t say
everything that is limitless. But you know who is your subject now, then you compose
yourself with something to do. Live and learn from the pain. Great! You bring yourself
a balance of structure and flexibility. Flexibility? Well, after visiting this “place,” even
the Buddha was enlightened. Your temperance will conclude that all living beings are
united into constituents.

If the silence in this “place” disturbed you, pull the bull. He will surely go berserk
with his loud noise. He will be more dangerous than your local horned animals. You could tell from their sounds. The difference is as clear as day and night, as discrete as p and b.

See? The solution is infinity here, compared to your finite problems. Don’t fret too
much over the small stuff. Combine the small units of meaning and you might combine
them again. The smallest thing could make a drastic change in your expression. Nothing
is helpless unless you turn it into a helplessness yourself.

Just talk to me, and vent out your pent-up exhaustion. This “place” doesn’t require
you to make a sound to communicate, to not waste your energy any longer. No principle
applied for us to connect with each other’s. You spent a lifetime’s worth of energy
building your comprehension. You are the same creature that found a meaning in the
absence of its form. You can associate an echo with what is named. Yet, in the end, the
connection is arbitrary.

Does that mean a sound is meaningless in this “place?” Be careful what you ask
because even that words can cry if they hear it. A tear that produced the stream of
speech. A drip accumulates into a bucket full of water. Now, imagine yourself as a mad
scientist playing physics and you were given a bucket to fill with water with their
distinctive compound. These compounds when separated are meaningless, but you
could combine them to form something meaningful. Just like a sound and a word, both
layers coexist simultaneously.

How arrogant of me, don’t you think? That’s why you can’t co-exist with your
colleague. Throwing away everything you considered stupid and fooling yourself under
the pretense of acceptance. It brought you back here with me, the very result of you
reading all of those books. Tell me. Do you really think reading all of those books
makes you different? Well, I can’t judge you for that. Thanks to it, this “place” came to

In the past, you couldn’t care less about the laughter targeted at you. They poked
you like an animal in the zoo. A sacrificial lamb to dispose of the guilt within them.
You imagined yourself hating on them in the past, present, future, and for eternity. Till
you were lost in your rage. Enveloped by the darkness, you’re wondering about the
pivotal point like many of those great stories. Since every story always has a beginning, a middle, and an end you can spot the time and place of those. Those are the core of
your preservation by anticipating the continuation.

Reality wouldn’t let you live sleep on them. Those parts of them that integrated
your mannerism is the proof. Take a good look. You’re lost, but I assure you that you’re
lost on the right path. Come with them, and you’ll see in a world built from many
generations. Boundless transmission, seeds of knowledge, countless acquisition
processes. You’re alive. In the right time to read Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto.
To listen to Pure Imagination by Maroon 5. To meet your family that teaches you
Chinese. To be dressed in their unique fashion called “Batik.” To meet your friend that
shared thousands of their beliefs.

Yes, I know you are burnt out with all of these interactions. You will probably
never get used to it. But I assure you once again that you’ll never get bored. You’re an
astronaut who seeks all meaning in stars despite the void that gazed you back. Praying
for the shooting star to be closed not just to yourself, but to the others who are different
from you. Each time is ticking, each part of yours is changing from the way you vary
your expression with them. Someone will stab you in the chest one day or someone will
give you a flower. One thing that is always certain is the properties that built your
identities will always colorful.

No matter how minuscule your role in this world, we were united in balance with
structure and system. Take everything you read just now and write down your favorite
things. Reflecting on yourself and encountering regular and recurring patterns, forming
the basic structure that organizes communication. As for the complexity was worked
with the functional system that implied characterization in your patterns. Living in the
dark doesn’t mean having a monotonous life. Nothing is perfectly systematic and we are
structured in mutualism despite the separate parts of our identities. Everything always

We are a human. We are a visionary. We are an architect. We are everything.
Every independent part constructed a complexity within us. A coordinated module
continually builds a new floor till it reaches the moon and beyond it.

Unto this “place” where we talk about what we talk about.

— END —

Author’s Note: I wrote this story so I could understand linguistics without studying. Thank you…

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