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The Photographer

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by Herdina Prismasanti

[INTERROGATOR] So, you’re shooting people, huh?

[JOHN] Yeah, and I’m proud of it.

[INTERROGATOR] Nice. Just like what I expected from you. You’re not hiding your pride.

[JOHN] Sure. I’m really good at doing this job. People even consider I’m one of the best in this field.

[INTERROGATOR] Do you hang those people on the wall?

[JOHN] *shrugs* Yeah, sure. I did. Only the best ones, tho. You gotta see their expressions.

[INTERROGATOR] Thank you for the offer, but I don’t think I can do that soon.

[JOHN] Well, you’re always welcome to see my work anytime, my friend. You’ll love them. Everybody loves seeing these folks.

[INTERROGATOR] I’m not your friend.

[JOHN] *rolls his eyes* Whatever. *Then, he smokes*

[INTERROGATOR] *looking at his notes* You said you used to hang them on the wall. Where do you keep them now?

[JOHN] *inhales and exhales his smoke slowly* Depends. Sometimes I keep them in a safe place where only a number of people can access. Sometimes I just let it be a public consumption. If the first happens, I let these folks decide what they’re gonna do with the result. Usually, people like them will do the hanging themselves using their preferred media.

[INTERROGATOR] Nobody even question you?

[JOHN] Why would they? Told you, everyone enjoys my work.

[INTERROGATOR] How long have you been doing this?

[JOHN] Nine years and till counting.

[INTERROGATOR] Quite long, eh?

[JOHN] You bet.

[INTERROGATOR] Compared to today, you must’ve missed your shot a lot when you started out.

[JOHN] You’re asking as if you’ve never been a newcomer yourself. Of course, anyone must be a piece of shit on their first day of work. When I started out, everything’s blurry. As I progressed, I got more precise. 

[INTERROGATOR] From what you’ve told me, you sound like those snipers in the movies.

[JOHN] Exactly. Only different weapon.

[INTERROGATOR] Your weapon is inside the black backpack you brought here earlier?

[JOHN] Yeah, the one you confiscated.

[INTERROGATOR] What’s inside the backpack?

[JOHN] You’re the interrogator. I believe your co-workers have told you.

[INTERROGATOR] Just wanna make sure.

[JOHN] I’m using Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and a wide variety of lenses, depending on what I’m working on. I also use Canon EOS R3.

[INTERROGATOR] *taps his pen on the desk while thinking* Can we hire you soon?

[JOHN] Absolutely.

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