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The Loss of Hope

I lost hope this year

It was very devastating

Most nights I couldn’t shut my eyes

And would end up having a breakdown.

    Months passed

    I grew tired of the loss

    I tried to do things that were influenced by social media

    Because I worried I’ll get left behind.

I felt productive

But I didn’t feel hopeful, not for a bit

I still felt as hollow and worthless

As a hopeless person could be. 


It was very tempting

To just wait for my deathbed

But such idea of laying down doing nothing bored me

Even if I had only a day left to be alive.

    Then I began to do things

    Things I genuinely enjoyed to do

    Didn’t think if I were productive or not

    I was just simply trying to cope.

My state of mind still won’t let me

Have a good night sleep or less breakdowns

But I will try to get through this hard times 

Because who knows, hope might spark again someday.


–6th of August, 2020   

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