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Spring Storm

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We were sitting side by side on the couch, veiled by silence. The sweet fragrance of flowers puts me in a daze as I look into your eyes. “Do you love me?” I asked, my view starting to blur. 

You gently plant your warm lips on my forehead, not acknowledging my question. The sound of rain droplets accompanied the silence. I forced my way into your arms, dozing off as if I had no care in the world.


We were sitting in front of each other in the kitchen. The sweet fragrance of flowers is making me nauseous as I attempt to put some food into my mouth. “Do you love me?” I asked, forcing the words to come out through the nausea. 

Your gaze focused on your plate, not even sparing me the attention. The rain continued outside, it has been raining for a while now. I forced myself to swallow the food, as well as words I wanted to say. 


I wept and could no longer smell the sweet fragrance of flowers as I begged you not to leave. “Please, love me,” I said, my voice hoarse from crying. 

Your gaze falls onto me, filled with disdain. It was the first time you acknowledged my existence, yet you stepped out of the door, leaving me all alone under my own storm. 

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