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so long that i got burned

you were like my sun, my life. your smile casted a golden shadow and it was serene to my
eyes. your bloodshot eyes glistened with burning passion for all the things people hurt you
for. your lips bled the most beautiful words one could ever fathom hearing.

you were lovely. you were my muse, the star that shone the brightest in this dark, pathetic
world of mine. i traced my fingers upon your face hoping it would turn flushing red, hoping
you’d laugh and tell me everything you had in mind. you were frail, yet you had the strength
to carry all your burdens and mine, too. your tangled, curly hair always seemed the prettiest
when i ruffled it into a mess. and though i hate to admit it, i loved the way you looked when
you were mad—all the sunlight in you froze into ice, and i will always think i could stay near
you, carving your anger into something beautiful.

but we were young, and we didn’t know any better. the cold bit us harder than we could ever
imagine, and i couldn’t help it—somehow, i dulled your sunshine. you turned frozen and
your heart was struck, the forces around you pushed you to insanity. you casted a spell upon
me and at once, my world crumbled—my heart turned into a frozen wasteland, cracking after
every deliberate step of yours. the cold changed everything good in you. the flames of
passion in your eyes are no longer there, your smile turned into frost, delicate crystals that
dissolved upon your lips. they became sharp icicles, poised to slice through my lips with
every icy kiss.

now the ice has melted, but i was already lying still under your spell. the cold changed
everything in me, everything in us. you used to call my name once and i would come running
to you with bleeding limbs—now i lay still and play dead, wishing time would pass quicker
while you caress my arms. you were my sun, but i stayed in your cold for too long that i got


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