It did not go as planned.

It would not go as expected.

It must be done my way.

It should happen according to me.

It is full of flaws.

It is ruined.

I failed.


What happens next?

Is this it?


Mistakes shouldn’t exist.

If things were done the way they should be,

Then this wouldn’t happen;

It would be right;

Do it correctly, do it this way, do it my way;

Or else, 

Just don’t bother.


It’s the result that matters

And a constant reminder of ‘what if?’


Errors, faults, inaccuracies

They don’t belong here;

They mean failure;

And failure means punishment,

Failure means downfall,

Failure means destruction,

Failure means the end of the world.


Always expect the worst,

Always question capability.


Reaching for the stars isn’t enough;

Go higher, go deeper, go darker.

Even then,

There is no such thing as satisfaction,

There is no such thing as success, no;

Wanting more is a must.


And perfection,

That is us.

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