Not a letter of farewell.

This isn’t a letter of farewell,

Because indeed this isn’t goodbye.

This is a letter of see you later;

a catch you later;

a see you soon.


No need to say goodbye.

We won’t be apart for long,

Only three hundred and sixty-five days multiplied by three;

I could just count and you’ll be here again,

It would be as if you were never gone.


You’ll be back before you know it.

We won’t be separated,

Only seven thousand five hundred miles;

But I know you’re just one screen away,

It would be as if you’re here, with me.


No need for tears or sadness.

We won’t part at all, 

Only eighteen hours with a flying carriage;

I could just blink my eyes twice and you’ll appear,

It would be as if there was no distance at all.


Even if the seven hours between us will be hard,

The waking up when the other has to sleep,

The snow where you are and the humidity,

The tulips and the constant smell of smoke,

We will be united again, don’t you fret.


This isn’t a letter of farewell,

But this heart will long for you, for sure.

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