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IMAJI North Star – Open Recruitment Announcement

IMAJI North Star

Open Recruitment Announcement

The core committee is thrilled to announce that they have decided on the newest members of IMAJI: North Star, effective immediately!

To all new members of IMAJI: North Star, welcome aboard!
It is an honor to have such remarkable and talented individuals among us. We extend our warmest welcome, and we look forward to a year’s worth of journey with you. Please do reach out to the contact person listed below each ministries for further information. Best of luck in serving your future duties! 🥳🎉

To those of you who didn’t make it to the list, know that you can still contribute to IMAJI in a many other ways! You’re very welcomed to partake in the selection next year or to participate in other organization—many opportunities lie ahead of you. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  1. Bhakti Adzani
  2. Najma Aulia Jauharnafisa
  3. Naufal Saladin
  4. Sesaria Triasafrida
  5. Zhafira Putri Salsabilla

CP: Rahma (+62 877-3825-6964) 

  1. Firda Umiyatun Baroroh
  2. Katarina Elsa Savitri
  3. Tazkia Aqiela Nadienna
  4. Umi Denta Prastiwi

CP: Rizna (+62 821-3823-4144)

  1. Arisya
  2. Farrah Nadia Azzahra Adji
  3. Pranaya Keiza Walitama
  4. Rizky Devi Maharani

CP: Nena (+62 812-2994-8210)

  1. Excella Putri Damorta
  2. Fendryan Gabriel
  3. Mahdi Ismail Syariati
  4. Rieneza Nabiila Muna

CP: Anas (+62 821-3393-8921)

  1. Anisa Sofiana (Editor)
  2. Asyifa Rizky Amelia (Proofreader)
  3. Hindun (Content)
  4. Mellyana Nungki Pramitha (Proofreader)
  5. Nazra Hanif Lutfiana (Editor)
  6. Rizky Devi Maharani (Media)
  7. Sherly Arsala Feby Nadia Susanto (Website Manager)

CP: Zitta  (+62 896-5904-3505)