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Nanno: Human’s Inner Darkness

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Girl from Nowhere is a Thai mystery-fantasy television series that premiered on Netflix in 2018. This series has a second season which is a continuation of the first season. The second season of this series received several nominations, including Best Creative and Best OTT Original at the 3rd Asia Contents Award 2021, as well as Best Asian TV Series. Girl from Nowhere deserves several accolades due to its intriguing narrative and excellent performances. Furthermore, the messages suggested in this series are communicated in a sarcastic and often nasty manner through the primary character—Nanno.

Girl from Nowhere recounts the narrative of Nanno, a girl from nowhere who often switches schools to expose workplace issues in every institution, from predatory professors to abusive pupils. The incidents disclosed by Nanno are based on the genuine accounts told by girls from 13 different schools. As a result, this series contains 13 episodes, each of which presents a distinct story. This series not only questions the notions of punishment, vengeance, and justice, but also illustrates how and by whom they should be meted out. 

In this series, there are several ideas regarding who Nanno is. Some felt she was an angel or a demon, while others thought she was a spirit with a purpose. In the episode ”Apologies”, Nanno is characterized as an attractive girl who attracts guys and makes other females jealous. It all starts with three popular young men at a school attempting to entice Nanno. They also invited Nanno to a house party where a sedative is mixed into Nanno’s drink to knock her asleep. However, as a common motif throughout the series, Nanno always seems to be one step ahead of them. Nanno’s unusual and perplexing reaction causes one of the guys  chokes her to death by accident. When they bury her, Nanno comes back to life as though she could never die, proving that she is not human. So, who exactly is she? Chicha Amatayakul, the actress who plays Nanno, stated, “She isn’t a ghost, yet she isn’t truly human. She is similar to Satan’s daughter or the serpent from the Garden of Eden who returns to Earth to deliver mankind’s forbidden food. She has come to see how wicked mankind can be.” Thus, we can say that Nanno is a half-demon girl who reveals the bad behavior of humans.

Moreover, Nanno is the personification of human’s darkness. Nanno appears as the source of a problem in each episode. She never forces anyone to do anything, but she does encourage them when they engage in bad behavior. The plot structure in this series is usually the same: there is one individual who has had difficulties from the beginning and the character’s conduct deteriorates as a result of Nanno’s presence. After that, problem after problem arises. Instead of settling things properly, Nanno leaves a strong sense of tension for the character’s troubles. Nanno is a true manifestation of karma, making it impossible to think about the horrible acts she committed. 

Nanno never stops people from doing bad things. Instead, she ensures that the crooks could carry out their intentions regardless of the outcome. Although Nanno appears to give a solution, the real path of action remains in the hands of the people. When someone is ready to do something bad, Nanno serves as the character’s conscience. Nanno appears to emphasize one’s awareness of their errors, yet they constantly remain. Nanno’s ingenious trap is asking them questions regarding their life choices. She is aware that individuals will continue to harm others as a sort of retaliation. As a result, Nanno ensures that everyone’s intentions are carried through to the conclusion.


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