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My Thoughts on Charlie from We Bare Bears and Bigfoot

We Bare Bears is well-known as an entertaining and adorable cartoon. What makes it so charming are the characters—the three different bears called Ice Bear, Grizz, and Panda, as well as the supporting characters like Tabes, the forest ranger, and also Charlie the Bigfoot. In this article, we are going to talk about Charlie.

The first time Charlie met the bears was when Grizz decided to make their cave a homestay. Grizz promoted their cave on the internet, along with the facilities like a free room that is actually Panda’s room and a semi-private bathroom. Not more than ten minutes later, they got a notification that a customer wanted to visit their cave. The three bears prepared as much as they could do to welcome the guest. When someone finally knocked on the door, a tall thing with big feet was standing in front of them. Soon after that, the bears and Charlie became best friends. 

In the series, Charlie is trying to hide from the outside world, corresponding to the fact that none of us had succeeded in actually seeing a Bigfoot until now. Charlie is kind of allergic to devices such as phones, and especially cameras. Every time he sees a camera, he will slap it. It also happened when Panda wanted to take a picture of food. Charlie accidentally slaps the camera. However, for all his anxiety, Charlie is also unknown and always tries to hide from people’s crowds. There is a scene where he had Tabes’ attention. When Tabes was a child, she remembers meeting a big human-like thing, but her sight was blurry at that time. When Tabes had grown up, she told the bears that she wanted to catch ‘the thing,’ but in the end, she could only see Charlie from far away. Taking off from Charlie’s story, let’s talk about the real legendary Bigfoot.

Have you ever thought of what would happen if we catch Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is a humanoid-creature from American folklore. Despite being a legend, there is a lot of evidence that proves its existence. Humans are always curious about everything, so it would be our natural behavior to explore and find out about new things. On the contrary, the thing doesn’t always want to be known. Bigfoot had always been such a mystery to us. It might be living somewhere in the jungle, but it would never let itself be known. The tracks and footage of this humanoid were found more than 60 years ago. Likely, it will always find a way to escape from the people who want to find it. 

Since the first time a proof of Bigfoot was discovered, everyone has been questioning its existence and even researched to find one. If we could finally discover it now, people would be shocked, and it’ll trend all over the world. They would probably have a global roadshow to convince everyone to believe it’s real. But what if we just let it roam free? Like we don’t care about it. What if the most comfortable situation for Bigfoot is to be unknown and alone? It would be way better for it to be separated from the human world. Aren’t we as humans sometimes become too rough or selfish to nature? Because it is our common behavior: to discover and exploit. Fortunately, Bigfoot still is a huge mystery that we haven’t been able to locate or capture until now.

Daniel Chong, the creator of We Bare Bears, left a powerful message for us. He expressed in a unique way what we have done to nature through this cartoon. And through Charlie the Bigfoot, he teaches us to let unknown creatures live freely in nature because it is better for them and for us if we pretend like we don’t know about them.

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