my regrets about how our representatives work

I was 10 years old when I began to get excited about political matters. From the well-structured government and purposes held by each institution within. The craziest part is that I used to dream of becoming one of the House of Representatives someday.

Sadly, it turned into a disappointment. As we know, the representatives are known for their behaviors: sleeping during the meeting, not attending the meeting, and leaving the seats empty. Where do they all go? Do some of them really care about this nation? Haven’t they woken up from their daydreams? The purpose of them sitting in that meeting is to represent the citizens from different regions. They forget about things and messages from their people. People trust and want them to speak up about their voices, their problems and aspirations, but they neglect all of those.

Moving on to the next problem: wrong-targeted representatives. Our diva, Krisdayanti, Anang Hermansyah, and other celebrities suddenly turn into politicians and hold campaigns to ensure people that they won’t betray their promises. But I’m curious, isn’t it strange that celebrities turn into politicians? Or probably it’s just money that plays an important role in the selection and sorting of the parties’ candidates? People’s voices matter and we truly need a person who understands how to handle people’s voices and make them come true.

Adequate facilities are needed for the representatives to work better and efficiently. But really, is that truly the most important thing? Why don’t they use MRT to go to work instead of luxurious cars?  Representatives are the reflection of the people whom they represent. While they are sitting comfortably in their expensive, lavish cars, there are many families sleeping in poorly-built houses surrounded by garbage. Isn’t it ironic? How cruel can the representatives be?

Or maybe it’s just me who only sees the negative side and tries to ignore the positive things they’ve done. But most of them betray their promises to represent people’s voices. It is awful and people start losing their faith in them. So, is there any strong reason why people like me should still trust them?

We need heroes, or maybe just one real hero who can fix the ongoing issues in this nation.  The only thing I can do is giving comments about them because this is my way of showing that I still care about my country. I truly hope our representatives can fix and become aware of who they are and what the citizens want from them. 

PS: I don’t hate them, but if they can do their work better, they will be able to change the nation. So, I do care about them.

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