It’s Every Belieber’s Dream and She Has Acquired It

When we like a certain idol, it might never cross our minds to dream about being noticed by them. It will always be that kind of dream of driving a Tesla or having a house in Niagara Falls. We know and will likely accept that those dreams might never happen in our life. Who could have thought that Zakiah, my classmate for 3 years now, would acquire that wildest dream? This 21 years old girl from Batam who now studying in the English Department UGM has never thought she would be featured in Justin Bieber’s “Stuck With You” countdown video. She appeared for a short while with her teddy bear in that 16 seconds Instagram post.

Zakiah first fell in love with Justin through his worldwide hit Baby. She then learned that Justin Bieber, the guy who has iconic 2010s hairstyle in the video, used to be a street singer. She got amazed and devoted herself to be one of his biggest fans. She is aware of the bad rumors about him in the past few years, but she never let them interrupt her mind.

Anyone can tell how much she loves him as a person. “It’s just because of the bad environment that made him become that type of person. When in fact, he is just a good person! He cares about us. He really loves his family so much, his stepsisters and stepbrothers. He loves his mom. That makes me really love and respect him.”

When I asked about how she got included in Justin Bieber’s music countdown video, she laughed–before even answering my question. Surely this is not the first time someone asked her about this. It began when Justin and Ariana announced the collaboration project with fans, by giving opportunities to fans who want to be included in their new music video and countdown video. They just have to upload on Twitter and Instagram and also tag the artists and the crews. Millions join these opportunities and Zakiah is just one of the luckiest.

“Excited. Happy. Unbelievable. Cannot describe it in a word. Bro, I’m on cloud nine! I really can’t express my feeling!” That was her reply when I asked about what her first reaction was. No one would have thought that her dream would finally come true. Not even herself. 

At first, Zakiah did not want to participate in the event because she knew well the small percentage of winning. Yet, it was not long until she then decided to take her teddy bear as her dance partner and ask her little sister to record it. She uploaded directly without any further editing. Being noticed has no longer become her worry as she said she was just doing it for fun.

One day prior to release, one of the crew liked her supposed to be ‘just doing it for fun’ video and she could not help but get so elated. Two hours later the label sent her the official announcement. She could not hold her smile as she re-act her expression that day. 

“Just reading the ‘congratulation’ I was like ‘OMG! Thank you! Thank you!’. But after a few minutes, prolly around 5 minutes after I replied, I checked it for the second time to make sure that it’s true. Then I read carefully and found out that I actually shouldn’t reply to this DM! Although I replied so I thought I would not be included in both, but on Friday night, suddenly my face was on Justin Bieber’s Instagram!” She laughed.

The reactions of the people among her were also priceless. Her family and friends, especially those who have known her since elementary school, just could not help but get surprised too just like her. It was still pandemic so the furthest her friends could do to join her happy moment were could only be expressed merely through social media. She had not known yet that time–that one of her friends, Anggi, had secretly prepared a pleasant surprise in the form of art for her. 

Anggi told me, “When I saw that she got into that video I was like ‘Oh my God!’. This small girl. If I lend herself in such a position, that is so tremendously meaningful for her and it’s a big opportunity as well. So I was happy.”

Anggi said she was happy when seeing Zakiah’s speechless reaction towards her art. She also noticed how Zakiah’s Whatsapp profile picture, which is Anggi’s art for her, has not changed since she received it that day. “It has been months but she still has not changed it. When I asked her about it, she answered that this is a memory from me.”

This journey of Zakiah hoping to get noticed by Justin Bieber was not only started recently. In 2013, she planned to go to his concert in Singapore after saving money for 2 years. Yet, it did not go smoothly as she planned. The concert was held during her final exams so her father did not allow her to go for it. She cried, disappointed, and did not want to eat properly which resulted in her getting sick and hospitalized. In 2017, the opportunity came again and she told me that she finally could buy Justin Bieber’s concert ticket with her father’s permission. Yet it was canceled by the crews because of Justin Bieber’s condition.

“Ten years I’ve been waiting for that day to come. And in 2020, finally, I got noticed.” she smiled happily as she danced on that small screen of Zoom meeting.

Zakiah then remembered her sticky note written ‘Meet Justin Bieber in 2020’ on her album. It was just merely a goal which a college student made jokingly during her stressed final exams days in college–and now it comes true, in God’s own special way.

“It feels surreal! This video and writing this goal in my note was just a joke, but it miraculously happens. Instead, when I actually make an effort about it like saving money to go to his concert. It ended up not coming true. So when I think about it, this life is kind of funny.”

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