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It Started With a Song

It always starts with something and in this circumstance it was a song, a simple song;

It was the song of fondness, tenderness, warmth,

A song so blissful, a perfection;

There was no day missed that the song wasn’t played on repeat;

No strings were attached, except the strings of the instrument that connected the two spirits;

Taking their time for both were on a process;

Trying to learn the song

And erase the melody of the forgotten;

Another song was soon added, combined, creating a new harmony.


Hope blossomed as the new song was memorized and recited over and over again;

It was uncomplicated to say the least

As the techniques had been mastered; 

Neither had difficulties;

Dreams were all that was visible to the eyes, and it wasn’t the dreams of sleeping;

It was the dreams caused by the realization of the lyrics,

The reach of the height of the pitches,

And the singing in tune with the notes;

Meaningful words were presented and often listened to, making them blessed.

Almost a season passed, and the songs were adding up one by one, pieces by pieces;

Fresh genres were explored

And new keys were unlocked and practiced;

It was a comfort that became a habit;

Running away wasn’t a choice, but soon neither was strong enough to face them;

The change of the vocals were shocking,

The move of taste from one music to another;

Worst of all the longing, the yearning to be in each another’s songs;

Must they? The making was easy but to put everything in order, could it occur?

Another period happened in between, yet the song was still stuck, even with adjustments; 

Transposing the keys were done,

But the action wasn’t enough to satisfy;

Some parts were still out of tune;

Half was uncertain and exhausted, but finally bold enough to find another song instead; 

It was not easy, no, it was tough, an absolute nightmare,

With the twelfth note in the way

And the constant back and forth;

Some said it was absolutely crazy and insane, and it was, but it had to be done.

Ending on Monday the twenty fifth of the eleventh, it was also the beginning;

Worry faded away with the past songs,

While only bliss was felt;

A hum could be heard from miles away;

Yes, everything was slowly coming back together, and the song was polished flawlessly; 

There were no more mistuning, 

No more unsureness of the words, 

And the two souls were one;

At last, peace was in the song, as it continued to discover. 

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