Is it love?

Love? How it works?

Obnoxious people, let’s say players, are like saying those four letters and goes “chill.”

Very much telling as if it ain’t nothing, and the word just flee.

Each letter in “LOVE” is indeed immeasureable.

You can’t estimate how solid it is. Moreover, you can’t spell “love” with “flop.”

Oh, in Chinese, “I love you” is written as 爱你or “wǒ ài nǐ.

Unlike Chinese who uses strong words to say “love”, how about 좋아해in Korean?

Good, I teach you how to show your love in 3 languanges.  Iconic.

Utterance means nothing? Better to show your love with actions? No, even words can exhibit your love and it’s adequately powerful.

You should not underestimate it, even it’s just a word.  Girls, one day “love” might cause you wear a trousseau.

So, try to show your love more openly, bub!

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