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Interview With In Kristi Tikam Tirani – 2021 Student: Bulletin Board 2023

1. Do you prefer offline or online classes? Why?

    Offline! Because it is so much more exciting! We’re able to talk and interact with friends and the atmosphere and vibes felt much more college-like if compared to online classes. The point is that the communication between both students and lecturers feels much warmer and is able to impact us more.

2. What are the challenges that you have encountered during both online and offline classes?

I always feel sleepy! I often get the urge to leave the zoom meeting and return to my bed whenever I’m not in the mood or if I start to become very sleepy. Secondly, I’m the type of person that likes to communicate with people face-to-face. I just don’t feel the same when communicating through online media because I’m not able to see how they react and act in front of me. Plus, I hate typing on my phone for too long. This results in a lack of communication with a lot of people due to the fact that I have to contact them online the majority of the time. My dislike for online classes has actually resulted in me experiencing stress because It was hard for me to make new friends online.

3. What do you think about a hybrid learning system? Is that effective or not?

Hybrid is not a bad concept, yet it isn’t for everyone, especially an individual like me who needs the presence of other people around me as often as I can. In my opinion, hybrid classes aren’t the best idea because it is much more effective if we conduct it fully offline. We can communicate with our lecturers and friends  in a much more direct manner and the offline curricula make campus feel much more alive in my opinion

4. Is there any words you want to say to motivate Sasingers?

Good luck for the 4th semester to all of my Sasink 21 mates even though the 3rd semester was quite terrifying:). For all of the Sasingers, I know this online-to-offline transition can be quite hard and challenging, but I know you guys can get through it all! Cheers for the next semester❤️

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