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i am getting there without having to lose myself

the future was and still is never certain

i kept running and running to reach what i thought was clear

i felt like i had only one thing to find

and nothing, really, to fear

so long as i knew how to be keen

it was never and still is not easy

one time when i was almost there

i suddenly felt something, something lousy

— i realized i had lost myself somewhere

while chasing temporal ecstasy

i stopped, trying to hold myself

what was i chasing, i wondered

i was clueless, the idea that life

wouldn’t figure itself out frightens me

but i realized it was never right for one

to arrogantly be too sure about life

that leads them to forget to hold onto themselves

before it’s too late, i found myself and i felt safe

thankful to know that i will thrive

without leaving behind what i need and love the most: myself

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