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How to Stop Overthinking

Have you ever felt so stressed by your own thoughts? Have you ever tried to predict bad things that might happen to you in the future? Well, this phenomenon is called overthinking.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, overthinking is “to think too much about (something), to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something) in a way that is more harmful than helpful.” Have you ever experienced something similar to this? Overthinkers are usually disturbed by excessive thoughts. They can’t get their minds out of a particular situation. Usually, they compare themselves with others who are better in a particular aspect. Are you familiar with this situation?

Two destructive thought patterns of an overthinker’s mind is  ruminating and worrying. Ruminating happens when overthinkers regret their past activities. When you start to predict negative things, it is  called worrying. Overthinking is more than a nuisance. It can give you negative impacts, such as disrupting mental health, disrupting sleep, and delaying productivity.  So, how do you deal with overthinking?

  1. Provide time for reflection

If you can’t find any solutions, a quick reflection can be helpful. Set aside 15 minutes or more  to reflect on yourself. This reflection doesn’t mean comparing yourself with others. Let yourself overthink anything, worry, or ruminate. When the time is over, you can look at yourself andlet your overthinking disappears by analyzing the strengths that you have. Afterwards, you can move on into doing productive activities. You can set a planner since recognizing your plan will help you do better in the future. 

  1. Focus on your problem-solving

Looking for a solution is better than settling on your problem. You can take as much time as you need to look for a solution to a specific problem. Make your thinking as productive as you can. When you are trying to solve the problems, you are actively looking for the solution. Asking yourself what you can do about your current problem is better than asking why something happened in the past. Then, develop your action steps. Establish the strategies that you can do and sharpen your skills. Problem-solving can decrease your stress.

  1. Be aware  when your overthinking time comes

Many people say that  their overthinking comes every night. However, you should figure out your own overthinking habit. It is called being aware. Paying attention to the way you thinkwill bring you to the end of your overthinking. When you realize that you’re starting toreplay any bad events over and over, just keep in mind that those thoughts aren’t productive.

I hope these tips will help you face your overthinking. Let’s practice!

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