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Happy 21st Marriage Anniversary, Pace-Mace!

It’s been two decades plus another year passed, my dear pace mace! If you may, let’s reminisce what both of you have made together until today, but sorry… I may just sum-up the most essential three parts of my version:

1. Thank you for finding each of you together!

This town in which I stay would be a silent viewer which made you meet each other!

2. Thank you for the thoughts of making me until who I am now

You know? Pace and mace made a good combo for parenting! I really am happy that I have you as my guardians in this realm. I can’t even pick a side when it comes to choose one of you.

3. Thank you for being here, let every hard roads slide and still going up, standing strong

It is fine to cease and take a rest! Parents are human beings too! Both of you have been showering your children with lots of affections already!


If your marriage is a human, it is officially an adult now and next year will be my turn. I really am grateful for your existence and made me exist… I love the fact that my pace and my mace are the parents of mine.

Once again, happy anniversary! Let your love blooming everyday, growing gracely and aging fine as if wine<3



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