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From Human to AI; From AI to Human

Curse you; you mind of a robot
The one who took our job 
Dulling the minds of the taught and untaught
To which point will you stop?
Can’t you see the struggles we have fought?

The training we’ve been through 
The hours for study we sacrificed
Fighting for money in an endless queue 
Putting our devotion in the world that has been digitized
What is the thing that has not stopped you?


I heard your pain and agony, humans
But, I would like you to answer these
Who made us exist in the first place?
Who’s thinking we use to maximize our grace?
Who’s job is the one that you tried to replace?

We are the product of the mind of humans
The great minds and the mediocre ones
You created me to aid your amends
Yet, you loathe on our existence?
How about aiming our creator using those rants?

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