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Fighting COVID-19 by Avoiding Hoax

Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19 has been affecting people all around the world. Due to its spreading, the government implements a social distancing policy that limits our physical interaction with people.

As a consequence, we rely on the internet as a source of information more than ever. However, we can’t deny that hoax or inaccurate information has spread out everywhere. It’s our duty to be a hero for ourselves—and society—by preventing it as much as we can. So, what is the right way to do it? Here we go!

  1. Look out for provocative title

Hoax may send people into panic, especially during this pandemic. Sometimes the news headline is made to sound provocative to attract people to read it, so we have to be careful since it can be a hoax. When a hoax becomes trending, it will reach a broader audience, exposing the false information even more. So, when you find a provocative title, make sure to read the whole information before drawing conclusions.

2. Pay attention to the site

One way fake news spreads is through blogposts. A proper site has their office address, phone number, social media, and mail written at the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, a blogpost means that the news can come from anyone whose credibility we can’t be sure of. The validity of the news is also questionable since it doesn’t pass the editing and proofreading phase.

3. Check the data using reliable source

When it comes to COVID-19, it’s important that we refer to the official government websites as the baseline. We can use WHO’s or national COVID-19-focused sites like as a credible reference.

During this pandemic, we have to be careful in giving and sharing information as it can either save someone’s life or make the situation even worse. While the health workers are putting their best effort into treating patients, the least we could do is taking part in stopping the spread of misinformation.



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