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Fate/Expired Milk: Punished☆Alice

tags: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Teen and Up, mahou shoujo

According to all known laws of nature whose basic fundamentals every young day schooler should’ve known, there was no way a girl should be able to fly. She didn’t have wings and sometimes her frill-infested dress could mess the aerodynamics up. The girl, however, flew anyway because she didn’t care what the universe thought was unrealizable, because imagination really was the only weapon in a fierce battle against reality.

Alice had no choice but to fly in order to deliver a judgement to the Toad Footman who stole her bottle of milk. Who was at fault? Alice hadn’t even touched the milk so it really angered her. She didn’t want her milk to have the same fate as her sweet roll. She ignored the imminent nine a.m. lessons, or perhaps she didn’t even remember it in the first place, and just flew.

The trickster-thief swiftly hopped in the air right after it grabbed the bottle. Unlike normal toads, however, it was bipedal, it hopped only using its hind legs. In fact, normal toads couldn’t even hop in the air as if there were invisible platforms beneath their feet palms.

On contrary to the Toad Footman who moved freely, Alice was rather clumsy. As expected, it was no other than her dress that didn’t cooperate well. The skirt, awkward hem, and other mumbo-jumbo-parts gave Alice some resistance. So, it wasn’t really surprising if Alice wished for a better situation. She wished for her dress to change, and it really did change!

If one had to be precise, the dress didn’t change but Alice transformed the whole of herself. Well, it wasn’t clear if Alice did it herself. Someone else could bestow such power to Alice. Still, since no one but the Toad Footman was around, it’s safe to say that Alice transformed herself.

A mysterious chunk of light engulfed Alice slowly, little by little pruning the dress. One could say with confidence that it turned into something other than a mid-Victorian era dress. The skirt part became shorter than it was before, revealing a little of her petite thighs😳.

There might be a protest on why it mattered. In the grand concept of actuality, however, it really was of great significance. How could it not? Donning such a dress meant Alice had surpassed the entirety of the Victorian era. It was as if Alice had transcended beyond time, accessing branches and all possibilities of the future.

There was another occurrence with great worth. Alice suddenly wielded a cyan-coloured sceptre. That was the most important thing, after the skirt thingy. The sceptre was a star-tipped one and had a weird ribbon under the finial. Furthermore, it materialized from nothing. Even if the curious Alice had discovered quantum physics, she wouldn’t rage since it was coote, cool and cute at the same time.

Well actually, Alice immediately realized that looks weren’t everything. Her transformation was nothing if she couldn’t bring the Toad Footman into justice. Alice, then, tried what the sceptre had to offer.

Alice threw the sceptre with all of her might, hoping that it would hit her sworn enemy hard. Sadly, it didn’t. It just fell to the ground. Alice found it annoying knowing that gravity still existed in some forms. She wanted to curse her fellow countryman for inventing it but refrained after remembering her day school teacher’s lessons.

However, such a minor disturbance didn’t stop Alice from chasing the Toad Footman, considering that she then had the same agility as the enemy. In fact, Alice was more agile. The Toad Footman was just hopping in the air. Meanwhile, Alice really did fly, in a literal sense, perhaps. She came into a realization that she could glide, hover, and such, easily and more importantly, faster than the thief.

Before long, Alice overtook the Toad Footman and stopped right in front of it. Alas, the Toad Footman was too surprised that it didn’t have a chance to stop its movement and so, they crashed. That impact was the one Alice had previously hoped the sceptre could make, but it couldn’t be helped anymore.

At the very least, Alice was happy because she brought the Toad Footman’s deed to an end, or so she thought. She forgot that the enemy still held the reins over her milk. As both Alice and the Toad Footman began to lose control and start falling down, the bottle slipped and drifted away.

Alice tried to rebuild her strength and composure mid-air, all in order to reclaim what was rightfully hers. She successfully secured the bottle right before she fell into a flower field. She was glad that the flowers helped her preventing a possible collision. At the same time, however, Alice was also irritated that the flowers also saved the Toad Footman.

Unfortunately, Alice shouldn’t have grieved over it too much because the Toad Footman considered it as an opening and once again seized the bottle. Alice scowled at the enemy, but she didn’t want to count how many times she had been angry for she wasn’t in math class, for she was facing Evil itself!

Alice’s right eye pulsated, matching the rhythm of arbitrary click-clack of the world, or rather, the World. It was painful for her. The mind could go blank anytime. She couldn’t bear the irritation and the throbbing sensation anymore. She was ready to break her teacher’s number one advice and proceeded to utter offensive words.

“Rage. Fury. Irritation. Humiliation,” Alice asserted. “There was no love left in this eye of mine.”

Alice approached the Toad Footman slowly as she miserably covered her right eye with one palm. The magical girl emitted a faint light, which gradually became more evident, while saying, “The love that I made, all lost when I was banished from the promised land. I’m no more than a fallen angel whose sin was overspending her shillings, but I observe and I judge, I inquire and I end it all. The reason to live I had, all became twisted at the mercy of society we live in. I dwell in the wasteland of boredom and islands of never-ending tasks: the unlimited homework, but I watch and I come to realize, I keep searching for a purpose that belongs solely to me.”

The Toad Footman was frightened by the magical girl, not because her declaration sounded unintelligible. Rather, it’s as if the light Alice emitted was seen by the trickster-thief as a ghostlike figure. However, the Toad Footman didn’t want everything to end. It hid the stolen bottle far away so that it could move without restraint. The Toad Footman, then, extended its arms (or front legs, one could argue) and began to invoke a spell.

A massive gate emerged from the ground, occupying the space behind the Toad Footman. There were intense quakes but it didn’t hinder Alice at the very slightest who kept approaching the Toad Footman. Still, the most important thing was, all of it ruined the flower field.

The gate opened without warning, revealing what’s behind. Well, behind the gate was nothing because it was just a gate, that’s all. There was no wall, no enclosure, so it was natural if the gate didn’t serve any purpose.

The Toad Footman invoked yet another spell, that one spell to summon a giant winged reptile who suddenly rose from the ground in a similar manner as the useless gate. “The Jabberwojak.”

However, such a creature didn’t stand any chance against Alice. The magical girl stopped and just stood in front of the creature menacingly. As Alice removed her hand palm from her face, the Jabberwojak seemed shaken and began to shriek like a maniac, or like dragons in fairytales actually.

At long last, the light Alice radiated became very defined. It was as bright as her mom, her mom’s kindness, that it could blind the giant winged reptile with wacky photoreceptor-something. After all, for Alice, the Jabberwojak was just a fictional creature. There was no need to confirm whether its vision resembled lizards or snakes Alice had learned at day school.

Ultimately, the Jabberwojak was intimidated by Alice’s fierce scowl and vanished. It just vanished into thin air.

“B-but how?” the Toad Footman wondered, kneeling in despair.

Alice, too, didn’t really understand what just happened and thus, she relieved her anger. The scary frown once again turned into a face like those of a normal cute girl—the analysand flushed. The light disappeared in its entirety. The pain in the eye was alleviated and the throbbing stopped.

All the same, Alice still remembered her initial intention, to retake her milk. The Toad Footman couldn’t do anything except accepting Alice’s demand, to retrieve the bottle hidden far away and to return it to the rightful owner. But immediately, the defeated enemy got to its feet once again.

“I still need to give you a warning,” the Toad Footman cautioned as it looked at Alice who rejoiced at her reunion with the milk.

Alice opened the bottle. An odour like a ratel, then, colonized her nose, as if there was a pile of apples that started to decompose.

The Toad Footman continued, “You should’ve inspected that milk better. You will stress your stomach if you drink spoiled milk. Oh, how careless you are, dear!”

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  1. Is it possible that the Toadman is the father of those fatherless children who went out for the milk and never came back?

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