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english days 2018

Celebration of the Media

Celebrating the 72nd Birthday of English Department


Celebration of the Media: Meaning and Relevance

post-truth /pəʊstˈtruːθ/ 

relating to circumstances in which people respond more to feelings and beliefs than to facts (Oxford Leaner’s Dictionaries)

In a post-truth world where people are more likely to accept “alternative facts” than actual facts and one’s own beliefs have more weight than evidence, how do media take a stance? Do we bend in the face of erroneous ideas, or do we sort through the stream of information to look for the truth?

theme of the year


our annual musical theatre

Newsies: Carrying the true banner

How does a group of mere Newsboys stand up against the biggest newspaper in the city? How does a strike alter the course of history? Adapted from Newsies—Disney’s 1992 American musical film—”Newsies: Carrying the True Banner” retells the story of the 1899 Newsboy strike in New York and the significance that comes with it.

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unfolding the truth: indonesian journalism in the current era

Inviting keynote speakers Frans Sartono (Kompas senior journalist), Bernadus Hidayat (our journalist lecturer), and Dhania Sarahtka (The Jakarta Globe journalist), we delved into Indonesian journalism and how it took part in unfolding the truth in the current era.


Festival Rakyat

Let’s have fun! Held at Plaza Pasar Ngasem Yogyakarta, we invited a bunch of guest stars to get the mood started: ROBBRS, Niskala, Lincak, Sastromoeni, Umar Haen, and Stand Up Comedy UGM. Creative workshops for your bright, curious minds were hosted by Iwe Ramadhan and Annisa Rizkiana. Also, have we mentioned the game booth(s)? And foods? Yes, please!


Clarencia (18) / audience

“I was very impressed. Newsies: Carrying the true banner is something entirely new for me-and i’m loving it!”

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