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A sprout might feel alienated when it grew in the midst of a field full of flowers and trees. Submitted by high school students from all over Indonesia, we asked them to describe the obstacles that youth face through poetry.

Alexandra Elana Katja Nindiadhi

For all of the flowers out there,
When you’re feeling like everything is so black and white,
When you feel lonesome in this abyss of grudges,
And all you need is a glimpse of sunshine.

Another blossom….

by 1st judge
by 2nd judge

Nayswa Nadia L. R. Siregar

Floating in endless dreams…
Whispered by sweet rhymes of expectations
Interlock to a relationship that feels buzzing
Ask your heart, why is this self standing?

When demand…

1st judge
2nd judge

Beckham Napitupulu

I am sadness
Which pervades every soul that feels alone
Party in the dark
No light is willing to be a friend
I’m the only one

I’m a….


by 1st judge
by 2nd judge

Beckham Napitupulu

Life is evil
Leads me in misguidance, selfishness,….

Adinda Dian L.

Once upon a dream…
Above the muddy-murky lake
Lotus rises; either grow high with glorious bloom…


I said no but it’s not me
My brain not my pain
My breath…