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Dos and Don’ts for Thrifting

Thrifting is an activity of shopping for secondhand items at lower prices. Thrifting is not only about saving money, but also helping the environment by reducing waste, supporting the local community by buying items from local shops, experiencing new adventures every time you go because the items vary and it is unlikely for people to get identical ones, practicing your creativity by mixing and matching items, and last but not least, finding a one-of-a-kind item. Nowadays, thrifting has become a new trend for the young generation. If you are going to try this new trend, these are some highlights of what you should and shouldn’t do to help you find the best items.

Before going on thrift, the first thing you can do is sell the items from your wardrobe that you barely use anymore. Some shops not only sell used items but also buy them. You can try to sell items from your wardrobe in there to estimate the range price you’ll spend. You can also earn more money, save space, and identify the items you need to buy for your thrifting by selling your items. Next, after you know what items you need to buy, list them, and research the best thrift shops to find them. Making a list of the items you want to buy will prevent you from buying unnecessary items. Be selective and look for the details of the items before you buy them. Some items at thrift shops have damage, so make sure you’re aware of it. Some thrift shop owners allow their buyers to negotiate the price. You can try to haggle to get the lowest price.

When you go thrifting, avoid wearing exaggerated clothes. I know you want to look fashionable, but don’t wear branded clothes. If the shop’s owner knows you wear expensive clothes, they may raise the prices. Wear comfortable clothes so you can move comfortably. Also, try to wear something that is easy to layer so you can layer it with the pre-loved garments to see if it suits you. Seeing lots of low-priced items might make you want to buy all of them, but don’t be impulsive. Remember, you’re thrifting to save money. Don’t spend too much time in one shop. You need to explore many shops because every shop has different items. The more shops you visit, the higher chance you get the items you need at the lowest price. Try to scan the aisles based on the colors, patterns, or shapes that you’re looking for. Don’t forget to laundry your thrift finds. Remember that those are secondhand items, so you must ensure they are clean enough before wearing them.

Remember the tips above and you’re ready for your thrift trip. You might find other tips yourself after you’ve done your first thrift. Who knows, after several times of thrift shopping, you become an expert at finding hidden gems among secondhand items. Good luck with your thrifting.

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