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IMAJIUGM.COM creative Challenge #3

Fan Fiction Fest

What if Jay Gatsby had let go of his love for Daisy and ran off into the sunset with Nick instead? What if Victor Frankenstein was a burned-out modern-day college student? What if Mean Girls was written as an epic poem? What if your favorite stories and people had gone down different routes? 

Our long-awaited third creative challenge event, Fan Fiction Fest encourages you to take all of these what-ifs you have about the tales that are close to your heart, and spin them into brand new stories and art. 

Whether you want to pick up where the canon left off, take it through a fork in the road, or make it into a new weird and exciting thing entirely, fan fiction is a great way to explore the possibilities of the things you love and appreciate them. 

Nazra Hanif Lutfiana

Haunting of Hill House (1959) – Shirley Jackson, domesticity, the pursuit of a home, drama, ambiguous ending, perhaps the real haunted house was inside our head after all

Thoha Arsyad

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Teen and Up, mahou shoujo

Asyifa Rizky

alternate universe-no magic. songfic. breakups. so many things are implied just press play and vibe with me okay. hurt no comfort. open ending (barely). 

Zhafira Putri Salsabilla

Animal Farm, Teen and Up, stan twt language, alternate universe, anthromorphic animals, progressive animals, modern life, mentions of SJW, borderline suicidal

Rizki Azhar

Mature, violence, murder, death, AU, darkfic, war, hell, paradise, angels, demons

Thoha Arsyad

 Shakespeare – Romeo & Juliet, Teen and Up, romeo x juliet, isekai, gender bender, consanguinity

Graphic Arts

Pride and Prejudice, Teen and Up, humor, misandry, not mutual pining just pining, down bad, trust fund prick, mentions of grooming, regency karen

Thank You For Your Participation!


We’ll see you with more exciting creative challenges!

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