IMAJI UGM Creative Challenge #1

Things I’ve Lost During the Quarantine

Looking Beyond the Theme

“I’ve been away from my family ever since COVID-19 started.”
“My relationship didn’t work out—we couldn’t stand the distance.”
“I was supposed to go abroad this year. Was.”

Things I’ve Lost During the Quarantine reflects on our loss that we endure throughout four months after the first COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia.

We all lost something—an opportunity, a relationship, or even a family. We’ve become familiar with anger, loneliness, and sorrow. Our feelings and expectations have been continuously trampled to the grounds, leaving nothing but painful memories. 

But the truth is, the barren lands are where things learn to preserve. Maybe now you can’t go outside and see cars passing through the streets. Maybe you can’t meet your ex to ask for forgiveness. Maybe you can’t visit your favorite food stalls anymore.

But you can write. You can draw. You can create whatever you’ve been struggling to put your head around and it’d be as cathartic as getting back together. Or finding a new job. Or finally meeting your family again.

Sometimes the only way to alleviate your burden is to simply put it out.

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Graphic Arts

Deal with the Distance
by Fanisa Indar

It's been too long of not seeing those faces and hearing those laughters. I wish we could communicate more than just seeing each other's Instagram posts.

Lost and Found
by Anggarsih Wijayanti

You are bound to lose something. And find something else along the way. Quarantine, surprisingly, gives me more than it robs me of.

Absolutely Useless
by Asyifa Rizky Amelia

One of the things that i've lost during quarantine is the desire to be useful, either for my own good or anyone else's. doing anything remotely productive pains me, and all i want to do is sit around, nothing even slightly important in my mind.

What this Pandemic Has Cost Me
by Nazra Hanif Lutfiana

Most of us find ourselves with new (and very unwanted) personal problems in this pandemic. I hope we all find a healthy way to cope with them!

P.S: the first step in solving issues is to admit that you, in fact, have them.

Dear Self
by Dzikrika Rahmatu Hayati

So many things have changed in the blink of an eye. None of this is easy. Let's thank ourselves for being strong and give the love they deserve.

Motion Art

Sense of Time

by Zitta Arlivia

How is it August already?

When I Love You by Donny Pradana

What could you do when you miss someone that you’ve already lost? You could only reminisce.

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