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roses, dried flowers, beautiful flowers-5993161.jpg


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i don’t know for sure — has love withered?the roses that once bloomed in technicolor have now turned dark grey.vividly, i can still remember how… Read More »facade

the old town

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i went to your town and sawall the bright lights flickering. everything’s just for show.the sun’s warmth will be something that makes me forget howthe… Read More »the old town


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I’m floating aroundmy hell-bent perseverancethe futile attempt of my willpowergrappling the thread of my remaining sliver of sparkpondering life’s melancholy trajectoryof how I seal the… Read More »futile

LA Knight

A trance of a performer,For thy spirit grants pleasure,Detached from one’s body, watched by the observer,The words were clear with eyes were blurred. The knight… Read More »LA Knight