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blossoming—a coming of age story

right now, it is a very anxious time.

like buying a one-way ticket to somewhere i have never been.

‘what if i do not know what to do?’

‘what if i made mistakes?’

‘what if i could not survive this thing?’

no one can answer those, but me.

it seems strange, not to have your older sibling around you.

because they have been there 24/7 since you were born.

nonetheless, change can be a good thing. that is what i believe.

what if questions are still invading my head; should i ignore them?

i know for sure that my comfort zone wants to expand, but somehow it is still reluctant

and this heavy thing forecasts chaos. (you do not really want to know what they are)

but we cannot really know what will happen before it happens.

margot’s words encourage me that i should take it as an opportunity to branch out, not letting my mind wander to uncertainty.

could i be someone wiser than i am now?

wonder how it would be, but for now, i still do not know.

must face whateveranything that comes. there is no turning back.

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