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Finda Ayu Fadilla

My Thoughts on Charlie from We Bare Bears and Bigfoot

We Bare Bears is everyone’s favorite show, from children to adults, because of its cuteness. One of the bears’ friends, named Charlie the Bigfoot, makes the story more interesting. Check this out to see about Charlie’s behavior and its relation with the existence of the real-life legendary Bigfoot!

Being Present

Sometimes we contemplate our regretful past and uncertain future. When we are in the middle of the past and future, there is a present. This present is different, and sometimes we forget how precious it is. Take a look to find a way to bridge our past, present, and future!

Coping with Life Crisis

The twenties and early thirties are known as the best time to live, but it doesn’t mean
that it’s not stressful. In this age, people often experience a quarter-life crisis, the time
when someone is doubtful about their life. Find out how to deal with it here!

Fighting COVID-19 by Avoiding Hoax

Hoax may send people into panic, especially during this pandemic. Sometimes the news headline is made to sound provocative to attract people to read it, so we have to be careful since it can be a hoax.