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Animal Besties

tags: Animal Farm, Teen and Up, stan twt language, alternate universe, anthromorphic animals, progressive animals, modern life, mentions of SJW, borderline suicidal

It was a hot summer day in Jones’ Farm. Time evolves, generation changes, the pig musketeer—Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer—are getting better at learning human’s literature and science. The use of social media makes them forget the socialism and communism they want to achieve and now they claim themselves open minded.

“You see the trending on twitter today, Snowball?” Napoleon asks.

“No! I was busy making this smoothie. I heard being vegan is good,” Snowball sits and eats his smoothie “Okay never mind. You know what, I think Mollie should lose more weight, she’s not the prettiest mare in this farm.”

“Snowball shut the duck up! Don’t body-shame her! You haven’t learned, have you? We have to learn to love ourselves. Every shape is beautiful.” Napoleon points at Snowball.

It becomes their daily routine, they see what’s going on in Twitter and Instagram, follow the trend, and become social justice warriors.

Other day, Squealer goes around the farm and finds Boxer crying silently in between the hay. Squealer approaches Boxer and asks, “What’s going on, bestie?” Yes. They no longer use ‘comrade’ and change it into ‘bestie’, because everyone in the farm is best friends.

“Nothing, Squealer. I think I want to quit the farm, but I don’t have enough money for retirement and buy a nice stall,” Boxer answers “Anyway, don’t tell the others that I cried, it’s a shame.”

“Boxer bestie, first of all it’s okay for you to cry, okay, The Pig Musketeer is now open minded so we are not judging, it’s an ugly behavior. In this house we don’t accept any form of toxic masculinity, periodt,” Squealer snaps his finger “but don’t quit, okay? I promise things will get better and you can leave after you have money for a nice retirement.”

The Pig Musketeer going around being unpaid therapists for the farm. The other animals don’t mind that actually, they even call them the Mean Pigs—referring to Mean Girls. But out of the animals, Old Major is the only one who doesn’t like the SJW behavior from the pigs. He thinks that the modern values do no good for the elder like him.

“Bah! I haven’t heard such crap as those so-called social justice warriors. What do they think they do? Helping others?” Old Major said to Benjamin the donkey.

“Relax, Old Major. We should let these young people have a new culture. I like it when they call each other ‘bestie’ and saying ‘period’ in the end of the sentences,” Benjamin answers.

“I think it’s better when they use ‘comrades’, it sounds more masculine!”

“Wow, no Old Major. We shouldn’t see anyone for their masculinity or femininity, it’s inappropriate! You’re not bussin!” Benjamin rolls his eyes.

Old Major doesn’t like the internet culture that the Pig Musketeer adopts. He plans to confront the Pig Musketeer and stop them from poking their noses on everyone’s business. Old Major is always mad and pissed off by them. “Those three little pigs should stop,” he said while walking rushly into the pigs’ bohemian-styled cottage.

“Pigs! Snowball! Napoleon! Squealer!” he shouts

“What? Oh, hi Old Major! What’s up?” Napoleon greets Old Major.

“You have to stop! You all have to stop! Don’t do all those craps here. Stop being so open minded or anything. What do you think you do? We stand on our tradition! Just wait until you get as old as me and see the younger pigs act up!”

“Old Major, we won’t live as long as you. Our generation always wanna die at 25!” Napoleon exclaims.

5 thoughts on “Animal Besties”

  1. I recently read animal farm and I thought it didn’t truly show the harsh effects of communism like this story did. I don’t think a book has ever truly brought me to tears like this story has. The book had a consistent story that I couldn’t stop reading. I loved the modernization of the character and the introduction of Gen Z language and communication into the depth novel. My favorite being “shut the duck up!” and “Bussin.” Even though I don’t understand the Gen-Z and their odd humor this book definitely humored me. I read this in my skinny jeans with my pumpkin spice latte. so yum!! Anyway not to get off track but I loved the positivity and the amazing writing.

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