Enabling the opportunity for English Department students

to be the best version of themselves through intellectual and creative explorations.



Academically Developed

Bridging the English Department and its students in their academic pursuits.

Creatively Explored

Providing a creative space for English Department students through organizational and extracurricular activities.

Conscious & Compassionate

Creating a safe space for English Department students where they can feel at home.

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Notable Alumni

After earning their degree in English Department, our alumni go forth on their journey to leave their mark.

Landung Simatupang
Credits: Eddie B.

Landung Simatupang

Actor, Theater Actor, Theater Director

Mohammad Wahid Supriyadi
Credits: Wikipedia

Mohammad Wahid Supriyadi

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus

Credits: The Jakarta Post

Sapardi Djoko Damono

Renowned poet. Completed a number of literary works translations such as those of T.S. Eliot, Kahlil Gibran, and Ernest Hemingway.

unnamed (5)

Swasti Crain

Self-employed, world-class make up artist

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What do our forerunners say

Taking a glimpse of what our predecessors said about English Department; what they have experienced and what they hope their successors would.​

IMAJI has been and shall always be there with its continuous cycle of leadership, bonded together for our common goal, that is to help the English Department and all its constituents set the course for their future by focusing on quality-oriented improvements.
Mahardhika Kusumo Simbolon
Former President of Churchill Cabinet

It [IMAJI] is not merely an organization, but
a community.

2020 is a hard year for everyone, including English Department students. With IMAJIUGM.COM, I hope IMAJI's main mission, which is to provide space for students to grow both academically and creatively., can be achieved.
Muhammad Rizki
President of Golden Wind Cabinet
Joining IMAJI feels like being those cool kids in OSIS back then in SHS. You're having fun with your fellow IMAJI, making posters and captions, and in a blink of an eye you're replaced with the juniors. Totally worth to write on your CV.
Tiffani Rpb
Former Minister of Media and Digital Information
Being the Minister of Arts and Sport of 2019 gave me a life-changing experience, no exaggeration. It was a tough job to rebuild the image of this ministry. Luckily, I got the best chance to work with the best staffs. I hope IMAJI will strive to be better in all aspects. Godspeed, IMAJI!
Emma Natasha Octoveria
Former Minister of Arts and Sports

The Crew

The (Wo)Men, The Myth, The Legend

Introducing you to our relentless background heroines; our kickstarters.

Amallina Nurmalia


A drama enthusiast who would love to give you tons of recommendations.

Anggarsih Wijayanti


A fan of books who has been trying to write her own. Loves reading, writing, and drawing comics in her spare time. Find her and her comics below.

Tashia Maharani

project manager

Freelance Writer. A fan of contemporary art and cute ducks on the internet. Her main interests include literature, digital technology, and the latest women’s issues.

Shintya Princesa

content manager

A mere mortal interested in books, films, history, and politics. You may find her through her Instagram below.

Zitta Arlivia

Media and Visualization

A fun-sized person who claims graphic design is her passion because otherwise she would be an idle whiffet.

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