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a whole new world

one day, after a whole month of 

swimming in the pool of self-hatred,

i came to the realization that 

i wasn’t supposed to swim in here any longer


my eyes caught the closest island in front of me. as if hopes were coming closer and they seemed very promising that all the swimming i did would come to an end before i actually got drowned


i woke up this morning after all these conversations of me with myself. it was hard accepting the unacceptable, believing in myself when i only saw doubt staring back in the mirror; but i finally came to love the person whom i thought, the entire time, was unlovable


today i know that i deserve all the best this world could offer. i deserve to be happy. i am swimming in the pool of self-love. it feels refreshingly relieving. where i am living right now feels like a whole new world.

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