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A Price to Pay

In this realm might I soared

A record pristine, achievement adored

With every challenge, I conquered with grace

An unwavering, a steady pace

Yet beneath the surface of laurels and acclaim

A silent storm brewed, whispering my name

Beneath the facade, a secret unrest

A struggle unseen, a burden suppressed

The mounting pressure, the burdensome weight

Expectations soaring, cracks began to create

Like hidden fault lines, fissures emerged

With the weight of perfection, my spirit submerged

Each day, a battle, a fight deep within

Doubts growing louder, testing my skin

The future once bright, now veiled in doubt

My armor beginning to sprout

Sleepless nights and anxious morns

The cracks expanding, my spirit torn

In pursuit of excellence, I lost my way

The cracks grew wider, a price to pay

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