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A Letter from Dusk

Dear Dawn,


It’s been around 186 days, isn’t it? Or maybe I’m wrong like usual because I can’t remember things well. Many things of course have happened since then.  Good and bad… Joy and despair… I hope everything goes well since it’s 2020 and you know what I meant, right?

Can you guess? Sometimes ago I was thinking that I still had one or two things to say if we are destined to meet again. When Dusk and Dawn can meet one another. Have you heard that a legend says that Dusk and Dawn meet once a year? Will the same thing happen to us in reality? I’m curious to find out about that. By the way, I have a bizarre dream some days ago that I want to share with you. That is the reason I’m writing this… I want to tell you one thing that I couldn’t say when we last met before.

“Here we are in the same place again! Wow, it’s so nostalgic, you know? Oh! Remember that food court? This is where we first spend our day together, isn’t it? Dawn! Could you do something for me? Come on! Let’s spend just one more day! I want to know what you saw on your journey, how you felt, and what you experienced out there. I want to understand everything about you, Dawn! And then… I want you to understand everything about me”

Yeah, I know. That memories may not return and repeated again. We may not spend time together with the love that we had before. But I don’t mind with that.  As long as the memories are still here. It is enough. However, that is not actually what I’m trying to say. All I want to say is… “Everyone’s smiles shine so brightly. Those smiles led us to so many wonderful moments. And those meetings had brought us unforgettable memories. I’m so glad I got to know love. I’m so glad I got to meet you. If fate takes sides, I will see you again soon.”

Still the same kid as before,


Published under the alias Dusk. 

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