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A Dancer of the Night

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Beautiful yet dangerous
Through the night so dark, in solemness he moves
It rhymes again, his sanguinary pulse
His desire within, igniting him to burst
A dancer of the night he is
Waltzing in a crimson spree, the duty it is
In him it’s ingrained already
None it be for a fun, but for a kill, a purpose hard as steel
The weapons are his lovers
His visage of captivation, entices them tenderly
His guns, steadfast by his side together
His keen mind, a silent language of love and deceit
For a kill, he calls upon them
By his gaze of allure, they’re ensnared in his web
By his gun’s cruel kiss, they embrace their tranquil end
By his keen mind, they willingly fell
Amassing names from distances, he stood stall
His presence draws terror, casting a menacing gloom
In the realm of animosity, succumb to their fall
Yet in veiled awe, his tale of bittersweet allure bloom

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