October 2020

All That Happened, All of This

A love letter in a form of poem for the lover. A train of thoughts which is concluded with a sincere gratitude for finding a wonderful person whom they (the protagonist) are devoting their heart to. Written in the middle of the night, it presents the truest feeling through simple and familiar words. Nevertheless, it holds several personal allusions, but feel free to interpret the lines in many ways possible.

Tears and Epiphany

This is the interlude to my and might be our future, how I have come to love my persona, shadow, and ego, inspired by seven crystals that outshone the moon and sun of my life. This is the hardest poem/letter/anything to be honest that I’ve written in 18 years of my life. It’s a personal story of mine that millions have relate to, and timeless, but needs to be shared. It reflects on my past, my treatment to myself, and how I’ve come to grow and learn to love it to this day. .

My Thoughts on Charlie from We Bare Bears and Bigfoot

We Bare Bears is everyone’s favorite show, from children to adults, because of its cuteness. One of the bears’ friends, named Charlie the Bigfoot, makes the story more interesting. Check this out to see about Charlie’s behavior and its relation with the existence of the real-life legendary Bigfoot!