October 2020

Letter to a Loved One

This letter is a self-written letter, written by and addressed to the author themselves, as a way to show how helpless one can become when they feel like they never “win” at love, so much so that they’d start loathing themselves. However, here the author apologizes to themself for ever saying those awful things and doubting the very existence of love.

Happy 21st Marriage Anniversary, Pace-Mace!

My parents’ marriage anniversary is actually next year at January. I had always forgotten the exact date all my life and I promise within myself that I would not forget this time, when I come home! It’s easy to tell that I love them, orally. They did the same to me. I love writing and it has been a while I never create nor publish one. Hence, when I come back, I dedicated this for my parents’ blooming love today!

Is it love?

For all the people I intentionally and secretly send this love letter to: decipher the codes, hon.