July 2020

Coping with Life Crisis

The twenties and early thirties are known as the best time to live, but it doesn’t mean
that it’s not stressful. In this age, people often experience a quarter-life crisis, the time
when someone is doubtful about their life. Find out how to deal with it here!


These days, living in the society can give us less freedom to do things we want to do and some of us are too scared of not being validated. This piece tells about someone’s intention to finally be free from society’s expectation, to validate themselves and screw what other people think.

It Started With a Song

Everything starts with something simple but is then followed by a process, which isn’t easy. There will always be something wrong, something that needs fixing. Read Shafira’s “It Started with a Song” to know the journey.

Abandonment Issue

Revisiting the crannies and nooks of her childhood memories, she tries to revoke the life-binding fear of abandonment that looms over a decade of her life. This is a piece about youthful
hope—although trampled—and the kind of love it birthed after. Ironically, she writes it while still
being hopeful as ever.

Take a Look into The Adventures of Spy Agents

Espionage can be seen as a privacy violation, but aren’t you curious about how those things work? Don’t you feel like being one of those agents at least once in your lifetime? Through this article, Zhafira takes you on the adventure of intelligence agents working on their missions plus movie recommendations on the topic.


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